Q. Renting a Car

Renting a car can be confusing, especially if you are a first-time renter or don't understand the terminology involved.  The following information is intended to clarify some car rental industry terminology and provide a guide to car rental for those unfamiliar with the process.

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Q. Understanding the Terms and Charges

Always ask about charges before you sign your car rental agreement.  If you are not sure about a specific charge or have questions about the language on your rental contract, ask questions at the counter.  Your friendly Aero Rent A Car customer service representative will be glad to help.

Q. Common charges you may encounter during your rental

Fuel charges: Aero Rent A Car rents all vehicles full of gas and requires them to returned full of gas. Often times customers tend to think the tank is full at first click off at the pump when fueling this is not always the case please make sure your vehicle is full before returning. If you do not have time or do not want to fuel your tank that is perfectly fine but please understand Aero Rent A Car will charge 2 times currency pump price and we have to estimate the gallons so again its always best to fuel your tank.  
Mileage fees usually are assessed on a cents-per-mile basis or as a flat fee when you exceed the allotted free mileage cap on your car rental.

Knowing approximately how far you will drive will allow you to select the mileage package best for you.

While renting all toll charges will be charged to the renter.

Q. Driver's Age

Aero Rent A Car requires renters to be at least 21 years old.

Aero Rent A Car can rent to under renters under 21 only if the have a valid credit card and proof of full coverage insurance.

Q. One-Way Rentals

Aero Rent A Car does not offer any one way rentals.

Q. Requirements

Aero Rent A Car requires a valid United Sates state-issued drivers license.

International drivers with international licenses are also welcome.

A refundable deposit will be required in most cases when you pick up your rental car.  The deposit charge varies by the length of the rental and the size of the car.  It is most often charged to your credit card.  We do not process the amount unless you do not return the car as specified in your rental contract. 

Until you return the car, however, your spending limit on your credit card may be reduced by the amount of the deposit.  This may be important if you plan to charge other items to your credit card and are near your credit limit.  If you do not have a major credit card, or you do not want to charge the deposit, then we may ask for the deposit in cash.

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Q. Alternatives to Credit Card Payment

Aero Rent A Car does not normally take cash deposits. Cash deposits must be approved by a manager and requires a minimum $1000.00 plus full cost of rental paid in advance.
Debit cards or 'check cards' carrying the logo of a major bank processor like VISA or MasterCard that are linked to checking accounts are also accepted as a form of payment.  If a card like this is used to secure the rental, a deposit of $1,000 will be taken from the checking account linked to the card presented at the time of rental.  The deposit will be refunded at the completion of the rental period: once the rental vehicle has been returned, the rental amount paid in full, and the vehicle checked in and processed.  Processing the deposit refund through a check or debit card may take as many as 10 business days.

Q. CAR RENTAL JARGON - Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), in states that allow it, is an optional charge that is billed per day.  Although many in the car rental industry call it "collision damage" coverage, it's not technically collision insurance. Rather, it is an agreement that the rental car company, in our case Aero Rent A Car, will pay for damages to your rented vehicle. By declining the waiver, you accept responsibility for any damages. However, under CDW, the company will not pay for bodily injuries or damages to your personal property.  If you do not buy CDW coverage, or are not covered by your personal auto insurance policy, you could be liable for the full value of the car.
Some CDWs exclude coverage under certain circumstances during a car rental.  For example, coverage may be revoked if you damage the car when driving it in a negligent manner, if a driver drinks alcohol or if a non-authorized driver operates the car, or if you otherwise void the conditions of the CDW.
The coverage offered by rental car companies may duplicate insurance you have through your auto and homeowner's policies. Read your insurance policies for specifics.  If you're not sure about the coverage, call your insurers. If you're traveling on business, your employer may have insurance that covers you. Some credit card companies and motor clubs provide members with free rental protection when you use their cards to pay for rentals, so check with your card before you visit the rental location.