Q. Common charges you may encounter during your rental

Fuel charges: Aero Rent A Car rents all vehicles full of gas and requires them to returned full of gas. Often times customers tend to think the tank is full at first click off at the pump when fueling this is not always the case please make sure your vehicle is full before returning. If you do not have time or do not want to fuel your tank that is perfectly fine but please understand Aero Rent A Car will charge 2 times currency pump price and we have to estimate the gallons so again its always best to fuel your tank.  
Mileage fees usually are assessed on a cents-per-mile basis or as a flat fee when you exceed the allotted free mileage cap on your car rental.

Knowing approximately how far you will drive will allow you to select the mileage package best for you.

While renting all toll charges will be charged to the renter.